My first job post college was working at a then-small company called Too Faced. I scored a gig at the Irvine HQ after spending the semester before graduation as an intern there. It was an assistant-level position where I spent a lot of time sending out PR samples to editors, supporting the sales team with all of their (world-wide) travel, and my favorite part-- getting to try on almost every lab sample that hit the production room. I was also in charge of the closet where the latest finished samples were stored and because it was pretty much a female-only office, I had to guard that closet with my life. Overall, it was an awesome job, and it helped me get to where I am today. 

I stumbled upon the brand's Pardon My French Set on Sephora.com when nostalgia set in. Palettes and makeup sets from Too Faced are my guilty pleasures. Besides mascara and the occasional liner I rarely wear eye makeup, but when I do, it's usually Too Faced. I might be a little biased-- but they have a palette out there for every look from neutral to full on glam -- and this summer, I can see myself wearing the bronze shades as I reminisce about the days of driving down PCH to get to my wall-to-wall pink office in Irvine, California.

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