This Or That: Bronzer

The other day I was asked about my summer makeup routine when I realized that I'm still hanging on to my beloved serums and oils that I purchased this winter. I don't have dry skin, either— I just love a non-cakey, fresh-faced finish (alliteration, anyone?). This question got me rethinking all of my current obsessions like my Fresh Seaberry Face Oil that I slather on every night and my life-saving Hourglass Primer Serum that feels so deliciously moisturizing on my skin every morning. It got me wondering about the most random "this or that" beauty query— bronzer. Yes, bronzer. It's one of those makeup staples for the summer (or if you're me, year-round), and its most popular in powder form. However, I've never tried the liquid options out there despite my quest for the ultimate dewey look. So now I'm wondering if I should branch out and purchase a serum-like bronzer or stick to the popular powder choice. Help! #BeautyProblems 

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