24k Gold and Diamond-Encrusted iPhone 6 #NBD

Apparently, you can preorder a 24k gold and diamond-encrusted iPhone 6 starting at the low price of $4,500 (this is the price for just gold sans bling, which is what I would opt for in case you were wondering) on Brikk.com. I can't lie-- I'm a sucker for a bougie moment here and there and that pink gold version is calling my name. Back to reality: I'm actually more excited to see that the iPhone 6 will boast a 4.7" inch screen. I have a Galaxy Note 3 now so I love a huge screen but miss some of the capabilities that the iPhone has (iMessages and the ease of picture saving and sending). I think I'll save up my pennies for the fall Manolo Blahnik sale (always a must) and for an iPhone 6-- the standard one from Verizon. Maybe they'll have it in pink [plastic]?

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