Balmain x H&M = #HairGoals

 My expression RN/my hair goals for the week.

My expression RN/my hair goals for the week.

Why am I watching the NYM and CHC game right now? Because I am a peasant that didn't get invited to the Balmain x H&M show happening about a mile away from my apartment. Not only am I missing Kylizzl's attendance and a slew of Snaportunities — I am not in the presence of the Backstreet Boys a.k.a. my childhood musical obsession. It's also a maj moment because Kevin (the one BSB who is perpetually missing these days because he has a normal life) made ab appearance! And of course my girl (not really, but I wish) Giovanna Battaglia captured the moment for peasants to enjoy from afar.

I digress — because these Balmain girls are giving me some hair inspiration for the week. There's something very 90s about the hair the reminds me of Ms. Hemphill, my favorite elementary school teacher. Weird flashback aside, I'm digging the side part and mini pompadour situation. #hairgoals

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