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 Ben Hassett via Violet Grey

Ben Hassett via Violet Grey

Tomorrow Violet Grey will unveil a photoshoot starring Kim Kardashian where she is transformed into Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. Between Kylie's 18th birthday on Monday and Kim's naked preggo selfie today, these girls won't take a day off from being in the headlines. All anyone will be buzzing this Wednesday is Mrs. West's shoot with the L.A. based beauty site, but I hope people want to learn about the maquillage master behind the beautiful makeup. The famed makeup artist I once only knew via Instagram and read about in magazines and did Kim's makeup for this shoot.

Not even a year ago, I got to meet the legendary Pat McGrath during fashion week and I was so nervous, I just watched her apply makeup on a model and then softly said two words to her: "Thank you." I've had multiple encounters with her since the nerve-wracking moment backstage at Diesel Black Gold, and every time -- without fail -- she remains in the zone, completely devoured by and devoted to her artistry. She is so immersed that she will not answer any trend questions or discuss technique with editors like some artists do. The application precision with her hands (she is known for not using brushes often) is impeccable and her vision for a look is always so distinct. At DVF, she was touching up Kendall Jenner's makeup and a group of editors (my silent self included) stood and watched her quietly for what seemed like hours but was a mere handful of minutes. Upon examining the model's completed makeup and deciding it was to her liking, she quickly went into giving a concise breakdown of the products she used and her process. No one asked a question after the 30-second recap and she casually went on to touch up the next model in the lineup.

This is the woman who basically creates beauty trends year after year, did the makeup at Prada and Miu Miu for ten seasons during the 90s (which brought us the dewy skin trend), created Rooney Mara's look for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, has worked with basically every model you can name, and is Creative Design Director at P&G, the folks who bring us Dolce & Gabbana Beauty and Covergirl. She's kind of a big deal to say the least. Some of the top fashion houses and photographers won't work with anyone but Pat and she doesn't mess around. The Brit is notorious for showing up to gigs with a huge team and countless trunks filled with inspirational references -- books, photographs, fabrics, and of course, makeup. Season after season she leaves her mark in the beauty industry, and I hope I get to witness her in action again in a few weeks.

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