Hair [Spray]

The awesome team at Glamsquad paid me a visit this past weekend to get my hair ready for a 1920s themed party I was hosting. I’m a simple kind of girl when it comes to my hair so I took this opportunity to embrace a more done up style for the evening ahead. I opted for the classic side-part with finger waves, “Hollywood glam” as the stylist called it. My hair is pretty straight with some wave, so I knew this would require a lot of hairspray aka my least favorite hair product. There is something about the stickiness of hairspray and the hair washing aftermath that comes with using it that makes me cringe. The stylist assured me she wouldn’t use any hairspray, but ensured my hair style would stand the test of time (aka into the wee hours of the morning) with a few sprays of Oribe’s finishing spray. I couldn’t believe it, but this actually gave me extra volume and provided the staying power I was looking for. I didn’t get the awkward flaking the next morning and I was able to brush out my hair the next day for a more relaxed look without having to feel like I was de-crunching my hair strands. This is the ultimate strong yet flexible hair finisher out there in my humble opinion. I’m hooked. Oribe Thick-Dry Finishing Spray, $37,

Beauty x Candy